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Simple passive bass cut Pedal Circuits and Finishes in 2018
Simple passive bass cut
Treble/bass tone control Diy Guitar Pedal, Guitar Pedals, Guitar Effects Pedals,
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A capacitor cascade with a DPDT-switch (on/on/on) for a switchable passive bass/treble cut. Image courtesy of
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The world's largest selection of free guitar wiring diagrams. Humbucker, Strat, Tele, Bass and more!
The signal from your pickups or pickup selector gets routed to two tone pots. The 500k pot and .022 µF capacitor provide a conventional treble-cut control.
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Two-Band "PTB" Tone Control: Useful, Easy, Cheap & AWESOME! - «
Bass Bench: Exploring Passive Tone Controls
Turbo Bass or Bass Booster Circuit - Electronic Circuit
Spent hours checking my connections
Mar16-Bass Bench-FEAT
Instruments with electronic outputs, such as keyboards and drum machines, typically produce output levels in the same sort of range: -30dBu to +10dBu.
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1 — The asymmetric, single-sided clipper circuit and its effect on the waveform.
In particular, players who use distortion and overdrive a lot will appreciate the bass cut control, which can definitely add some clarity to your overall ...
The classic treble bleed with a parallel resistor. Diagram courtesy of
Fig.1 — A pair of pots configured with the Greasebucket circuit. The same values are used for either guitar or bass. Wiring diagram courtesy of Seymour ...
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The ultimate overdrive - diy pedal Guitar Pedals, Guitar Amp, Rigs
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plexi distortion pedal
di box for bass
This is Bass Sound Enhancer Circuit that can be producing sound more loud bass, the circuit called Giga Bass Pro Circuit. You can see circuit and PCB layout ...
The GA-30's treble control uses a small cathode bypass cap on one end of the pot to provide a treble boost. The closer the cathode bypass cap gets ...
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... a switchable overdrive and a kill switch. Planning to use it to get synthy tones. Thanks for inspiring me to dig into my guitar and for opening new ...
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This is a library of perfboard and single-sided PCB effect layouts for guitar and bass for pedal building enthusiasts.
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Aaron's Bass Hole - Get In Line: Pedal Order 101
The Best Guitar Compressor Pedals
Empress Effects Zoia
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Here's another one for the bass players. It's a pretty handy EQ pedal from EWS
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The signal level is much louder, there is less (white) noise, no static noise and the bass cut off function is very easy ...
Notice how the order of the cap and resistor in the schematic has been reversed.
EarthQuaker Devices Erupter Fuzz Pedal image 1
... premium components based around an 18v system. The combination of these elements create not only a reliable preamp but also one with a very low noise ...
Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor Pedal image 1
Nanolog Audio WaveFunction Overdrive | Leprechaun FX | Boutique Guitar Pedals
Cosmic Echo (v. 1.4) Assembly Instructions
Two-Band "PTB" Tone Control: Useful, Easy, Cheap & AWESOME! - «
David Gilmour - how to use equalizers
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Too many guitarist use too much low end.. sounds good in the bedroom, but leaves little room for bass and drums.
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Collection of vero (stripboard) & tagboard layouts for of popular guitar effects, with over 500 verified designs. DIY your own boutique effects!
Loving the education I'm getting just by reading all these posts. I promise I'm not selling any of your ideas!
1 Comparing passive highfrequency roll-off (indicated by the colored resonance peaks) with the cut-and-boost fl exibility of an active 4-band EQ (black)
Fig. 4.2.5 The Baxandall Modified Response Curve
Picture of Adding Volume and Distortion Level Controls
Last Updated: Nov-18-2018. So much has changed since our last refresh – where do we begin! First we answered some common questions that you might have.
... tone toggle to this that would roll off lows (like the PTB circuitry) and how to add the diode distortion. Could not get either of those to work.
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Ibanez AGBV200A Artcore Bass 2018, Tobacco Burst
Jimmy Page used a lot of trick wiring with his vintage Les Pauls for out-of-phase and single-coil tones. A definitive schematic has yet to emerge, ...
Capacitor Switch
MXR M109S Six Band EQ Pedal image 1
BOSS BC-1X Bass Compressor Compact Pedal
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When I first started playing music back in the 1970's you were cool if you had a volume pedal, Wawa pedal, and a distortion pedal. How things have changed.
4.2.1 Simple Tone Control
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Guitar players are notorious for constantly tweaking, customizing and improving every little aspect of their axe. The majority of bassists tend to be more ...
Steve Bailey Bass Preamp
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Best Bass Preamp Pedal for 2018
New Kits
10) TMB with fixed bass and middle resistors. The classic Fender (and later copied by everyone) TMB tone stack, used in hundreds of amps, can easily be used ...
20, 2016. and last updated on December 11, 2018.
East Tone J-Tone 01 Bass Preamp Vol / Vol / Tone (Chrome): Musical Instruments
Figure 1: A typical electric-guitar circuit.